I’ve now done the final version of the Herstmonceux Castle linocut in water-based inks.

I like to test prints using Akua water-based inks, as they dry quickly between colour layers. I sometimes do full editions in Akua as well, as the colours work well as semi-transparent overlays, and I find the colour palate has an appealing, slightly vintage feel, somehow. Some recent reduction linocuts have been printed entirely in Akua – such as Donkey on Weston-super-Mare Beach and Fishing Boats at Rock-a-Nore.

In this case, most prints will be completed using Caligo oil-based inks, as I prefer the strong black you get from Caligo for this particular image. Some versions in Caligo oil-based inks are drying on the washing line in the attic. Some recent linocuts of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton are alongside.

lino prints of Herstmonceux Castle and the Royal Pavilion in Brighton drying in Fiona Horan's studio

Here’s the actual castle website, if you want to find out more about this interesting castle with lovely grounds, gorgeous knobbly old walnut trees and an interesting nearby astronomical observatory complex (which I will also turn into a linocut at some point!).

Read more about my printmaking process and the creation of this linocut of Herstmonceux Castle here.