After a series of posters of some of my favourite spots in the UK, I have returned to the world of theatre!

The Fortune Theatre, Covent Garden, London, with The Woman in Black

Recently, I was asked if I had a poster of the Fortune Theatre in London – long time home of chiller The Woman in Black. Unfortunately, I hadn’t done the Fortune yet. I had, in fact, recently considered making it my next print, but then discovered to my surprise that The Woman in Black was just about to end its run after 33 years at the theatre. I was unsure whether the poster would find any fans once the association between the Fortune and the Woman in Black had ended.

I knew I would be unable to complete the artwork (and get it printed) in time for my customer’s purposes. However, she did convince me that this historic theatre and long-running show should be added to my repertoire – so here it is – day and night!

The Apollo Victoria, London, with Wicked

London’s Apollo Victoria has been on my to-do list for some time. For many years this theatre was home to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s roller skating musical Starlight Express. As its name suggests, the Apollo Victoria is away from the main set of West End theatres, close to Victoria Station. Off and on there has been a little enclave of three theatres in this area – the Apollo Victoria, the Victoria Palace, and the Westminster Theatre. The Westminster Theatre was sadly demolished at the turn of the 21st century but eventually replaced by a smaller studio theatre currently called The Other Palace.

The Victoria Palace and Apollo Victoria are more or less on opposite sides of the road and have a friendly rivalry, often having to re-direct patrons to their nearby competitor. Both theatres have been fortunate with long runs. The Apollo Victoria is currently home to Wizard of Oz musical Wicked, which opened here in 2006. A few shows prior to this, Starlight Express ran there for 18 years.

Here’s my take on this 1930 Art Deco theatre with a blue sky or at night.

Swansea Grand Theatre

I’ve done a few regional or off-West End theatre portraits so far, and hope to do many, many more. (Another thing I’d like to do at some point is some of the grand theatres we’ve lost – but that’s going off topic). The Minack Theatre in Cornwall has been one of my most popular posters, for instance. I’ve also done the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh; Theatre Royal Bath; Richmond and Hackney Theatres in the London area – and now the Swansea Grand Theatre!

The Swansea Grand Theatre was suggested by a customer who had worked there. I’m not familiar with this one but I took a look on streetview and saw what an attractive building it is – so set to work. Very pleased with the result!

And finally ….

So these are my recent arrivals, and they have all found favour so far – thanks so much! I am currently working on the Cambridge Theatre in London – home of musical Matilda – which will end up looking something like this … though it will be a while before it is sent off to the printers.