The latest illustrated posters in my collection are of Epping Forest in Essex, Richmond Park in west London, and Clovelly in Devon.

Clovelly, north Devon

I remember going to Clovelly during a childhood holiday to Devon and Cornwall. It is a perfect – almost ideal – West Country fishing village with an extremely steep cobbled main street, lined by quaint houses. At the bottom lies an attractive small fishing harbour.

Clovelly is a small place, very touristy, very memorable, and beautifully situated tucked into the wooded slopes of the North Devon coast.

I shall probably do the harbour at some point. In the meantime, here is a link to the new poster showing the view from the top of Clovelly’s main street.

Epping Forest

I’ve been wanting to do a poster of Epping Forest for a while. I lived all over London but ended up (due to not winning the lottery) moving further and further east. This was an inconveniently long way from my workplace, alas, but one compensation was being close to Epping Forest.

Epping Forest is vast. It is mostly trees, but there are also some meadows, commons and ponds within it. It provides a delightful backdrop to some of the districts and towns on the London/Essex border. For instance, the lucky inhabitants of Chingford can just step off their High Street and into the forest and walk for miles.

I visited Epping Forest many times. I have to say – it is a terrible place for getting lost!

William Morris lived in Walthamstow and is said to have been inspired by childhood explorations of Epping Forest. The natural world he saw there influenced his later designs and his desire to bring the wild greenery into the domestic sphere.

You can find the new poster here.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park in west London is a very famous open space – the largest of the Royal Parks. Much of it is forested and it is particularly known for its red deer – two of which appear in the artwork. There are also quite a few historic buildings within the park – including White Lodge. A former royal residence, it is now part of the Royal Ballet School and forms a backdrop to this scene.

I’m sure I will be re-visiting this area artistically soon. It’s a lovely part of London with lots of interesting buildings and attractive spots. Of course, I have already illustrated Richmond Theatre.

You can take a closer look at this new poster of Richmond Park here.