I recently started sketching local architecture with a set of black marker pens, as posted here.

So, back in Hastings, I have tried to continue with a bit of this – though sometimes rained off! Here are the recent efforts …

Hastings Old Town

Here’s what I call the “donkey house” in the Old Town, Hastings. (It has decorative relief over the door showing a bucking donkey. I think it was a pub at one stage, though must have been quite a small one). The cherry tree to the right is the beginning of a small patch of greenery which is cared for by the residents of the houses around it. Always a delight with bee-friendly flowers and small lawn. The tree used to flower unexpectedly again in high summer because it had a rambling rose growing through it – but this seems to have disappeared.

Dudley Road

I most enjoy quick sketches of these sorts of subjects – large Victorian or Edwardian houses with lots of twiddly bits. I must get over to St Leonards and Eastbourne soon with my sketchpad – as there are lots of them there. This is a house around the corner from me in Dudley Road, Hastings.

Local School

Above – a quick sketch on a windy evening of another building in a nearby street – an old school (which is still being used as a school). As you can see, I failed to leave enough room for the height of the building – but I could never have fitted it all on anyway.

The dots around the giant viper’s bugloss growing in front of the school are meant to suggest bees (not fleas!). There weren’t any there at the time as it was late in the day and windy – but I know bees love that plant.

As a child I went to two primary schools and two secondary school buildings – alternating between Victorian buildings and the modern (1960s) flat-roofed style. Though I loved the amount of grass around the modern schools (probably built on since or sold off), I felt even as a child that the Victorian style seemed to take my education seriously with big windows, engraved signage and grand staircases with oak banisters, whilst the modern style was all leaking flat roofs, overheated or underheated damp classrooms, and dodgy electrics. I wonder if things have improved …

Isn’t the turret fun? Appears to be boarded up, sadly.

St Mary’s Terrace

Above: Several houses in St Mary’s Terrace in Hastings. I realised that the marker pen was starting to run out or dry up. They don’t last long, do they? Consequently, moved over to an even thicker alternative to see how that would work for sketching – see below.

Milward Road

Certainly quicker with a thicker pen. Obviously it’s not possible to do much detail.

Went home for lunch… Hopefully out and about again next week, weather permitting, when I finish a graphic design job I’m working on.