Fiona Horan


Working on a linocut of Herstmonceux Observatory, Sussex

I’ve been wanting to do a linocut of Herstmonceux Observatory for a while. I like astronomy and science as a topic for p

Beginning printmaking with lino: rollers and other sundries

A look at those other bits and bobs that are useful for printmaking with lino. Bench hook Bench hooks are wooden slabs that he

Beginning printmaking with lino: Carving tools

Here’s a quick look at what I’ve discovered so far by trial and error about carving tools, ink rollers (brayers, I

Beginning printmaking with lino: Materials – paper

Having looked at lino, lino substitute and printmaking inks in previous articles, here’s what I’ve learnt so far a

Beginning printmaking with lino: Materials – inks

In this article I take a look at the printer inks I’ve tried. This is not at all comprehensive, and lots of relief print

Beginning printmaking with lino: Materials – lino

Over recent years I’ve experimented with both traditional artist’s lino and various vinyl substitutes – so h

Beginning printmaking with lino

Having been printmaking using lino for some years now, I thought I would write an article about what tools and inks I’ve

Western Pavilion linocut: update

A while ago I decided to create a linocut of an eccentric and rather “unloved” looking building in Brighton –

New linocut: Western Pavilion

Walking in Brighton a year or so ago, I saw an intriguing building that was like a mini Royal Pavilion. I returned recently to

Christmas Cards

I’ve adapted my recent linocut of Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex to make a Christmas card. Another couple to add to

Herstmonceux Castle final result!

I’ve now done the final version of the Herstmonceux Castle linocut in water-based inks. I like to test prints using Akua

New linocut of Herstmonceux Castle in progress

I’ve just started an A3-size colour linocut of Herstmonceux Castle here in East Sussex. The picture above shows where I