East Hill Lift, Hastings funicular large colour linocut limited edition – No.1


This is a large (approx A3 image size) linocut of the East Hill Lift funicular railway in Hastings, East Sussex.

A variable edition of 50, printed by hand and signed by me, the artist on acid-free paper using oil-based inks.

The colours vary quite a bit in this edition – so each print is unusually distinctive. The image shows the one for sale – No.1.

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East Hill Lift is a large colour linocut, approximately A3, of the Edwardian funicular railway near the beach in Hastings, East Sussex. This is No.1 of a variable edition of 50.

East Hill Lift is a hand-pulled colour linocut in oil-based inks. The actual print is 28cm wide and 36cm high (roughly A3 – so fairly large). It is printed on acid-free paper and signed by me, and sent with a backing board and light-coloured mount so that it can easily be framed in a standard A2 size frame.

Each print in the edition is inked up and pressed individually, resulting in some slight differences between each print – making each one a unique work of art. Also, this edition is a variable one as I have used slightly different combinations of colours throughout. The image shows the actual print for sale.

The East Hill Lift is one of two funicular railways from the Victorian and Edwardian period in the seaside town of Hastings, in East Sussex. Both funiculars are still running.

The East Hill Lift opened in 1902, and takes locals and tourists from the Rock-a-Nore end of Hastings beach, where the fishing fleet and the Old Town are, up to the glorious Country Park. From here, you can walk round the coast along cliffs and through woods to the next village, Fairlight. This countryside was the setting for Holman Hunt’s painting Our English Coasts – though he didn’t have the benefit of the funicular to get up the hills then, as the painting was completed in 1852!

I worked for a while on the funicular railways in Hastings, and the view from the operator’s seat at the top must be one of the best in the country. You have a great view over the beach and out to sea, and a lovely view of the Old Town from the top cabin. I often used to watch the small fishing boats returning with the morning tide. On stormy days, it is like being in a lighthouse.

The other funicular, the West Hill Lift, runs through a tunnel up to the West Hill and castle in Hastings. That linocut still awaits my carving tools …

International orders will be sent without a mount, rolled with acid-free tissue paper in a tube.

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