Herstmonceux Castle linocut, limited edition signed original print


Colour linocut of Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, printed in oil-based inks on acid free paper.

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The image is 37 cm high by 28.5 cm wide (roughly A3) and signed beneath by me, the artist. Variable edition of 50. Every linocut is hand printed and individual prints vary slightly from each other, so that you will own an individual work of art! These are not mass-produced at the printers but printed by me by burnishing the back with a spoon!

Your work of art will come ready mounted to fit a standard-sized frame.

Visitors can’t usually look inside Herstmonceux Castle, unless they book a tour, as it belongs to a Canadian University, I believe. However, you can spend a happy few hours exploring the grounds which include woods and gardens. There is an impressive line of very old looking chestnut trees and a cafe. In the summer every year, the castle has a medieval festival at which you can see jousting and siege re-enactments. There are also a great many history enthusiasts camped out and wearing clothing of the era, who know all about various aspects of medieval life like archery, cooking and metalworking.

Next door to the castle and grounds is the sister attraction of Herstmonceux Observatory, the home of the Royal Greenwich Observatory after it left London in the 1950s for the clearer skies of Sussex. The main telescope was eventually moved again, to the Canaries, and the site at Herstmonceux has become a Science Centre, open to the public. Six telescopes still remain there, and there are often stargazing evenings.

I have now done a linocut of the telescopes. The linocut makes a good companion to this one!

A blank greetings card is available taken from this original print.


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