Ravens at Rock-a-Nore limited edition signed original linocut


A large colour linocut of a couple of ravens at the beach in Hastings, East Sussex, printed in oil-based inks on acid free paper.

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Ravens at Rock-a-Nore is approximately 39 cm wide by 28 cm high (roughly A3) and signed beneath by me, the artist. Variable edition of 50. Every linocut is hand printed and individual prints vary slightly from each other, so that you will own an individual work of art. These are not mass-produced at the printers but printed by me by burnishing the back with a spoon!

Your work of art will come ready mounted in white to fit a standard-sized frame.

I often see or hear ravens near where I live in Hastings. They frequent the Country Park at the end nearest the town, and sometimes fly over the town. This linocut was inspired by a time I saw a raven flying above the cliffs at Rock-a-Nore. (Rock-a-Nore is the part of the sea front beside the Old Town, and is home to the beach-launched fishing fleet.)

Apparently, ravens stopped breeding in England from 1900, retreating to Scotland and Wales. The Country Park had the last breeding pair. Since the turn of the century ravens have been making a comeback in England. They can be found in the western counties – apart from one little haven in the east – Hastings!

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