The Tower of London large colour linocut No.1


This is a large colour linocut of the Tower of London in blue and grey.

This is No.1 of a variable edition of 50, printed by hand and signed by me, the artist, on acid-free paper using oil-based inks.

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The Tower of London is a large colour linocut – my largest so far – about 33cm high by 42cm wide, which is larger than A3. It shows part of the Tower of London in a blue and grey colour scheme. It is Number 1 of a variable edition of 50. There are several different colour schemes used in the edition, so this print is even more distinctive and unique than is usual for linocut editions.

The Tower of London is a hand-pulled colour linocut in oil-based inks. It is printed on acid-free paper by rubbing the back of the paper with a wooden spoon – so it takes quite a time to print each colour on a print as large as this!

Each print is signed by me, and will be sent rolled in acid-free tissue paper in a postal tube.

The images show the actual print for sale – Number 1.

Framing Tips

This print is a slightly unusual size, but several mounts for a 45 by 35 cm image are available that should fit nicely. Many are for a 60 x 50 cm frame. Some are for a 50 x 40 cm frame. Or even for a 55 x 45 cm frame. Here is one I found online that should fit this image. And here is a frame and mount that appears to be the right size on Amazon. Please note, these are just examples of the right size, not recommendations.

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